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Why employ me as your website designer

Mobile web usage overtakes desktop for first time 02-11-16

As more and more websites require mobile touchscreen accessibility, web designers must be able to code sites that are simultaneously compatible with this platform as well. This is a rapidly changing job that requires the frequent updating of skills. I make great websites which will help any business, I have featured in many newspapers and on a TVNZ success program, all stories about my business acumen. I had an accident when I was ten I had a tracheostomy to allow me to breathe that robbed me of my voice and other injuries which slowed down my movement.

So as a result when I answer the phone I may be puffed out because walking with a disability is difficult and when you ring I may be far away from the phone, my vocal cords are damaged so I have an unusual voice.


20 years’ experience of HTML coding

With 20 years’ experience of HTML coding and website design and importantly website optimisation. My first website which I made in 1987 has received over two million views and this website still helps make me a living.

Fact is it is not easy to make a high quality website, a website that will reach page one on google and will help sell product, great skills and understanding of HTML programing is of great importance. I know only one way “ Hard work and good planning, I really recommend to get over my voice and receive the best website money will buy. I work from my home office using the latest software on an hourly rate of $100.00 + GST per hour, well worth it because I am very skilled with 20 years’ experience I can get you on line quickly without large delays.

What a website designer is employed to do

A web designer develops, creates, and codes web pages for individuals, companies, and other entities. They work with their clients to provide technical and graphical aspects of the website or application.

As web designers we also help maintain the website for our customer after it is completed. As more and more websites require mobile touchscreen accessibility, web designers must be able to code sites that are simultaneously compatible with this platform as well. This is a rapidly changing job that requires the frequent updating of skills.

Web designers must be thoroughly familiar with internet technology and have excellent computer programming and coding skills. They must understand how networks function and have great attention to detail.

Debugging website problems is a frequent task, so the ability to problem-solve is crucial as well. Excellent time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines are required.

Good customer relations skills and patience with clients are beneficial. Excellent verbal and written communication are very helpful as well. Web designers must know one or more computer coding languages, as well as have some graphic design skills. Example

Design / Branding Examples


WordPress value for money websites.

Do you need a website designed by a website designer that understands how a website design will work with full responsiveness to screen size, a website that will work on mobile devices

We use WordPress CMS to produce excellent value for money websites. We can set up and install Google analytics into your website to track your visitors.

We offer a range of self managed websites. We can make sure you are listed in all the right places by using Google webmaster tools.


Xara 10 pro websites.

We use Xara Pro x10 designer software renowned for making quality website and graphic design software for professionals

Our Xara work platform allows a high degree of control over the SEO part of the website and tends to return better quicker search results than other website builders 


Colors & Layouts

Easily change the colors and layout of your site to create new looks with a simple, yet robust set of options you'll love.

Mobile Responsive

At the core of our website themes is the front end builder, which enables websites to look gorgeous on any mobile device or desktop


Our website themes comes loaded with support for one of WordPress'most popular eCommerce plugins, WooCommerce.

Easy To Use

Everything we create is built with simplicity in mind. We've done our best to only include the customization options you need.

Well Coded

We're just as fanatical about well written code as we are about clean designs. Download the Page Builder and see for yourself!

Instant Updates

Easily update your website to the latest version instantly as soon as you make changes with the click of a button thanks to a built in up loader.


Our Latest Project

We can make any type of website to any budget big or small a recent project was a website to sell antique and retro telephones both within New Zealand and overseas.

We also make fashion websites for the sellers of fashion clothing and makeup or fashion for men. Our websites are geared to sell any product or service

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We are a small group of experts in website design, Online shops and website optimisation also known as SEO or search engine optimisation.

Phone 09 971 7655

021 685 400

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