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About us really I am a one man highly efficient website designer with 25 years experience in website marketing and Google search engine optimisation. I love doing search engine optimisation because I am better at it than most, with this skill and background of electronic repairs I have run successful businesses most of my adult life. among my businesses were

Auckland Telephone Services, number one on Google for 10 years for the search term "telephone repairs

Playstation repairs, number one on Google for 10 years for the search term "PlayStation repairs

Now Website Design Whangarei, page one on Google for 5 years for the search term "website design Whangarei.

I work with WordPress and my own branded CMS and website page builder I am able to make websites in a fraction of the time it took 25 years ago when I started.

Why hire me

1# I use the very latest software

2# I am very productive

3# honest and reliable

4# 25+ years experience

5# Home office means lower overheads = lower project cost

6# Copywriting skills

Too many more to list

Website Design Whangarei

Website designer

Website Design Whangarei
Riverside Drive
09 971-7655

About Us

25 years experience
SEO expert
Whangarei based
09 971-7655

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